Introducing Nola

CityLiving Design is proud of its body of work and would like to share it with you.  Every month we will be showcasing new designs and providing information on planning for custom seating pieces.  We hope that you find these articles informational and useful for planning your next project.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
The Nola is a true testament to the abilities of the CityLiving custom design team.  This booth built at 50” high and 23” deep was made to fit a tight space while maintaining its dramatic height.  Generally we recommend a depth of 25” for our custom seating pieces, but our client’s space would not warrant it.  The design team put their heads together to make it work and produced the Nola; a comtemporary banquette with tapered wood legs, cream luxury vinyl and smart button tufts.  Even with a tight space there was no need to sacrifice the look, function or durability of the Nola.

When planning for a banquette or booth, make sure to figure approximately 24-25 inches in depth and a minimum of 2 feet wide per person.