Introducing Mallore

CityLiving Design is proud of its body of work and would like to share it with you.  Every month we will be showcasing new designs and providing information on planning for custom seating pieces.  We hope that you find these articles informational and useful for planning your next project.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
The recently produced Mallore banquette has been receiving a lot of praise and attention. When presented with the requirements for this design, we knew that we could not modify an existing standard, so we went back to the drawing board and labored over every detail.The result was our favorite banquette to date.  The Mallore is a sophisticated transitional piece with elegantly curved back legs that reference the ancient Greek klismos.  The simple straight front tapered legs anchor the piece and bring it forward to the present century.  Plush cushions make the Mallore excellent for lounging while the strict proportions allow it to be used for dining applications.